Who are we? We are BLaLaLa, a website from the Netherlands dedicated to new music from all over the world. Our goal is to talk (Bla Bla) to you about new or (relatively) unknown music (La La La) that we think is awesome. We are not limited to solely Indie, Rap or Pop, but rather focus on music that we simply like. In Dutch we say we excist

"Omdat jij door onze BLa BLa wl weet welke La La La straks aan is".

However we decided to write in English to appeal to a larger audience and most Dutchies understand English perfectly fine anyway.

Anyhow, we hope you like our site and to see you around!

-BLaLaLa Crew

If you care to contact us for whatever reason, please use Twitter, Facebook or the following email-adress: contactons@blalala.nl



22 juli 2013

Concerts beta

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